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FCC GuanYin Project Session VI
FCC Girls Connect Program: Sept - May in Manhattan
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Featured Event:

October  26, 2014 - FCC Pizza & Pumpkins in Woodland Park, NJ
October  26, 2014 - FCC Fall Festival in Commack, NY
October  29, 2014 - The Coalition for Asian American Children and Fami
November  8, 2014 - MOCAREADS: Chinese Yankee by Ruthanne Lum McCunn
November  13, 2014 - Tweens & Teens: What I Would Tell You If I Could F
November  14, 2014 - FCCNY Girls Connect in Manhattan
FCC of Greater NY
P.O. Box 237065 Ansonia Station      
New York, NY 10023
(212) 579-0115

Calendar Cont'd...

November  15, 2014 - FCCNY / OCA Lion Dance Event in Hackensack NJ
November  15, 2014 - Yale CASPY in New Haven, CT
November  18, 2014 - 2014 MOCA Legacy Awards Gala in NYC
November  19, 2014 - Global Advancement of Women Conference in Bejing
December  12, 2014 - FCCNY Girls Connect in Manhattan
January  11, 2015 - ATN Adoption Group Spring Session


        Celebrate                Educate               Advocate

 We are a vibrant community of families united by the experience of adopting children from China. We honor our children's heritage, celebrate the diversity of our families, and advocate for their acceptance and respect.

Through events, publications, online resources and community activities:

       We encourage adoption by providing information and sharing our experiences

       We help families learn about China and Chinese culture to strengthen our children's pride in their background and heritage

       We sponsor programs that support the evolving needs of our families and assist our children as they grow to understand their life stories

       We provide assistance to children who remain in China's orphanages

       We promote awareness of our community's concerns to schools, governmental bodies, cultural institutions, Asian American organizations, adoption agencies, and other groups

Families with Children from China is a 501 c(3) tax exempt organization

            Please direct all comments or suggestions to