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FCC Orphanage Assitance Programs
1999-2000 Campaign Report

FCC Orphanage Assistance Programs
2000-2001 Campaign Report

Creating Positive and Enduring Change

With contributions of nearly $200,000, our fifth year of fundraising for China's orphaned children has created many reasons to rejoice. The school children we sponsor participate in art and music programs and excel both in the classroom and in sports. Children with special needs are enrolled in learning and vocational training programs. And while babies and young children who might otherwise have lost a chance at life are cared for by professional nurses and by loving, nurturing "Grandmas," others are healing after surgery to repair a heart defect or cleft palate.

Transformation in the children's lives is most joyfully apparent among the girls and boys who left the orphanage this year to join foster families. In our foster-care program-cited by experts as a model of its kind in China-foster homes are much more than a substitute for orphanage care. In this report, read about how the care we make possible creates loving foster families not just for children, but for the parents, grandparents, and others who open their hearts and homes to a child.

This year, while we witnessed terrible loss and destruction at home and abroad, we took faith in love's power to renew. The young lives taking root within foster families are pioneers of a brave new world, a world where love is the common ground, and a loving home the common cause.

FCC Programs Reach Far and Wide - Children in 40 Orphanages in 10 Provinces Receive Care

As in past years, in our 2000-2001 campaign we've been able to significantly develop existing programs and add important new ones. This year, we achieved a key goal: We assisted China's orphanage directors in shaping the design and direction of quality foster care. With our support over one hundred children joined foster families this year and six orphanages established new foster care programs. Placement within a caring foster family has proven to yield enormous benefit for children. We are especially proud of the growth of this initiative.

The growth of our programs means a brighter future for many more children.

2000 - 2001 Appeal: A New Record in Giving

Our 2000-2001 campaign was impressive both for the generosity of our donors and for the growth of our orphanage assistance programs. Contributions of $192,500 from hundreds of individual donors around the country made it possible for us to renew funding for all the programs we sponsor, and to develop new projects, extending our reach to many more children in additional orphanages.

With a grant we received near the end of our 2000 fiscal year and the many contributions received in 2001, we were able to distribute a total of $222,000 to fund orphanage projects this year. Our primary partner organization is The Amity Foundation, a highly respected Chinese non-profit, non-governmental agency in Nanjing. Through Amity we provide a range of vital and direct services to children. Of the total distribution this year, $98,000 was directed to renew our funding for ongoing foster care, schooling, nursing teams, and the Grandmas program.
New projects developed with The Amity Foundation were funded with $114,000. In addition, FCC made a grant of $10,000 to Holt International Foundation to sponsor a new foster care program.

Major Gains in Foster Care Initiatives

I have to say it again that the children in the foster care program in Nanjing have changed so much. The attachment and the love they have now with their foster families is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and felt in my professional experience.
                                                                                                      - Wu An An, Amity's Director of Social Welfare

Foster care programs have brought the most dramatic change to the lives of children who might otherwise languish in institutional care. Within China, Amity has been in the forefront of promoting the benefits of foster care to province and orphanage officials. Developing a model of quality long-term foster care, Amity introduced a pilot project for children from the orphanage in Nanjing with FCC sponsorship last year.
Orphanage Directors See the Profound Difference Family Care Means for Children - After a seminar on foster care led by Amity in October 2000, many orphanage officials asked Amity to help them establish programs based on this model of child-centered family care. At a follow-up conference in September 2001, representatives of more than fifteen orphanages expressed their unanimous assessment: All the children living with foster families had changed dramatically from their time in the orphanages. Foster care had given these children new lives.

At present, FCC sponsors Amity foster care projects in fifteen orphanages in five provinces. This year alone 100 children joined foster families in new programs in Changzhou, Jiande, Nantong, Qidong, Wuxi, and Wuhan. With FCC support more than 200 children in all, many with special needs, are thriving in the loving care of foster families.

With our interest in foster care and our belief that this is the best alternative for children who are not likely to be adopted, we also joined Holt International Foundation in sponsoring a new foster care project in Guizhou Province. In February, FCC provided $10,000 to begin foster care for children from a Gueyang City orphanage. Reports and photos from Holt reflect the positive effects of the nurturing care and love these children receive from their foster families.

Helping Children of All Ages

From nurses caring for newly arrived babies to vocational training for teens, FCC's programs with Amity seek to ensure the well being of children of all ages and provide them with tools for the future

In addition to the increase in foster care over the past year, we have seen significant growth in all of our programs, serving many more children and bringing effective support to a growing number of orphanages.

Corrective Surgery and Medical Treatment -
With the surgeries and medical care we fund children are overcoming life-threatening conditions and serious illnesses. The extraordinary generosity of our donors made it possible for FCC to sponsor the full cost of surgery and medical treatment for ninety children this year. Vital treatment included critical surgeries for heart conditions, cleft palate, and clubbed feet, hospitalizations, and medication.

More Grandmas … More Healthy, Happy Babies - Making a tremendous difference in children's lives, Amity "Grandmas", retired nurses, doctors and teachers, give nurturing care to babies and special needs children and training to orphanage caregivers. Chenzhou, Hefei, Jiande, Lianyungang, and Yinchuan came into the Grandmas Program this year. With renewed funding for Grandmas already at work, we now sponsor 70 Grandmas in 16 orphanages.

Orphanage Improvements Make a Vital Difference - Heaters to offset the chill of wintry days, washers and dryers to ensure clean clothing, new cribs and bedding, sterilizers and medical equipment, toys, and rehabilitation equipment improve the quality of life for children who must call an orphanage home. Purchases of these materials and equipment were made for six orphanages this year.

Intensive Care Nursing Teams Save Lives - Benefiting newborns, infants at risk and special needs children, the Nursing Team program was initiated by FCC with Amity as a pilot project in Nanjing in 1998. FCC now sponsors teams of four to six nurses to provide intensive care nursing to babies and children in the orphanages in Nanjing, Tongling, Yangzhou, and Yinchuan in Ningxia Autonomous Region. Plans are underway to create nursing teams in additional orphanage locations in the coming year.

Education Is Critical - Education, critical for the future of orphanage children, is restricted by required school fees. We are now sponsoring 300 children, paying their fees to attend community schools, almost double the number from last year. This year the orphanages in Chenzhou, Lishui, Ma'Anshan, and Tianjin, as well as the Changsha #2 orphanage joined our schooling program, bringing the total of participating orphanages to 17. In addition to students attending primary and middle schools, our sponsorships include children in schools for the blind and deaf, and older students in vocational schools, art institutes, and nursing school.

Orphanage Site Visits Crucial to the Success of our Programs
Orphanage site visits provide the detailed reports we need in order to improve and expand our work, and give our contributors assurance that their gifts are well spent. These frequent site visits allow our liaisons in China and orphanage directors and caregivers to have the one-to-one contact that keeps our programs current and meaningful. Each year members of our Board and Charitable Initiatives Committee also visit orphanages receiving our support.

In November, FCC parent and tireless fundraiser Karen Jani revisited three Hunan Province orphanages. Having visited these same orphanages in September 2000, Karen was in a particularly good position to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs. Thirteen months after her first visit, Karen observed enormous changes in the children.

The differences in the special needs children under the care of the Grandmas in Changsha were amazing. The children had made great strides in their development and in their ability to compensate for their disabling conditions. In Yiyang, the children in foster care were clearly cherished by their foster parents. Karen was impressed with the community the foster families had created among themselves, giving the children a real experience of the extended family network so important to a child's sense of belonging.

Amity's Director of Social Welfare Visits FCC
In May, Amity's Director of Social Welfare Division, Ms. Wu An An visited us in New York for a week-long series of planning sessions. The driving force behind Amity's orphanage programs and widely respected by orphanage officials for her knowledge and expertise, Ms. Wu spoke about Amity's orphanage work at FCC's annual Culture Day, and met with FCC's Board and Charitable Initiatives Committee to review projects and plans for future collaboration. With the development of rehabilitation services for orphanage children a goal of both FCC and Amity, she visited pediatric rehabilitation facilities and met with professionals in the field.

Commitment to the Future
FCC remains committed to doing as much as we can to create positive and enduring change in the lives of children in China's orphanages. We are determined to renew the support for the many children benefiting from ongoing programs. But, we also want to see our programs continue to grow. Many more children wait to attend school or join a foster family. Children are waiting now for life-saving surgeries, or operations to correct birth defects.
Your help is needed to carry on this vital work.

One hundred percent of funds contributed to FCC Orphanage Assistance are directed to our programs in China. Families with Children from China retains no portion of the donations we receive. Merchandise sales supplement membership dues to cover all fundraising and administrative costs.

Contributions may be made to our secure web site:
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