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Camp Clio at Camp Claire in Lyme, CT     [Camp Clio website] 7/1/2012 
Camp Clio will be held at Camp Claire in Lyme, CT July 1-7, 2012 from Adam Pertman, apertman@adoptioninstitute.org Good morning. I want to let you know that the Adoption Institute is involved in an exciting new project: We’re developing best practices for a summer camp! It’s called Camp Clio, and it is unique. Adopted and non-adopted children will come together in a beautiful setting in Connecticut to share games, meals, and "old-fashioned" activities like swimming, canoeing, sailing, arts and crafts, and campfires. For the adopted kids, it will also be a camp within a camp – a place full of fun activities that will allow them to express and explore their feelings about adoption; create a positive outlet for ideas and emotions; and increase self-awareness and self-esteem. Camp Clio’s campers will have their own cabins, which they will share with teenage counselors who also are adopted. You can learn more about the camp – including how to sign up – at www.campclio.org. Then please forward this message far and wide, and encourage adoptive parents to enroll their children for this wonderful new opportunity, one in which they can grow as young people even as they have a blast as kids. Last thing: If you know any adopted teens who want to be counselors for a couple of weeks this summer, they’re taking applications. To apply or for information about the camp, email info@CampClio.org or call 646-285-6237. Adam Pertman, Executive Director Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute 

PACT Adoption, Race & Family Camp in CA     [PACT website] 7/1/2012 
Pact's 10th Annual Family Camp PACT CAMP 2012: Putting It All Together-Adoption, Race & Family July 1st-5th, 2012 Granlibakken Conference Center Tahoe City, CA REGISTRATION OPEN!!! The Scholarship priority deadline is approaching (April 1st). If you are in need of assistance in making camp possible for your family please apply NOW. Scholarship Request Guidelines & Application As you can imagine the need is great, we will stretch our funds out to as many families as possible. Scholarship awards will be given on a first come first serve basis after the priority deadline has passed. Pact, An Adoption Alliance 4179 Piedmont Avenue Suite 101 Oakland, CA 94611 Deanna Matthews Camp Director (510)243-9460 

FCCNY Board Meeting in Manhattan.  7/9/2012 
FCCNY Board Meeting in Manhattan. FCCNY BOARD MEMBERS: Mary Nealon, CoPresident, mtnealon38@gmail.com; Barry Radick, CoPresident, pinesfarm@msn.com; Mary Sellner, Secretary, mesnyc@aol.com; Tim Stoenner, Treasurer, Tim.Stoenner@gmail.com; Marcia Hochman, mnhochman@nyc.rr.com; Ross Lewis, rosslewisartist@gmail.com; Linda Mancini, linda.mancini@hotmail.com; Gary Matles, gmatles@aol.com 

SC ARC: School Systems Simplified in Manhattan     [SPENCE-CHAPIN website] 7/10/2012 
from Leslie Case, lcase@Spence-Chapin.org A new focus for our Adoption resource Center will be in helping adoptive and non-adoptive families navigate the public and private school systems as an advocate for their child. This workshop is the first in many we are developing. Please share with your community. SPENCE-CHAPIN® School Systems Simplified Let us help you navigate the independent and public school process from Pre-K through 8th Grade Sheryl Aiken-Sewer is a NYS certified school psychologist who holds two Masters Degrees from Columbia University, in School Psychology and Special Education. Sheryl speaks regularly about school-related matters to families, teaching professionals and other psychologists. Thursday, July 10, 2012 6:30 - 8:30 PM Spence-Chapin 410 East 92nd Street, NY, NY Fee: $60 To register, contact: Gladys Ramos Gramos@spence-chapin.org or 212-360-0259 

Spence Chapin Family Day Central Park Picnic     [SPENCE-CHAPIN website] 7/14/2012 
Spence Chapin Family Day 7/14 CP Park Picnic for Domestic & International Adoptive Families “Get ready for an afternoon of summer fun! Spence Chapin Family Day Picnic Saturday, July 14, 2012 1:00 - 4:00 PM The Great Hill @ Central Park (108th St. & Central Park West) FREE ADMISSION No admittance without registration. Open to everyone touched by adoption: adoptive parents, adoptees, birth parents. Spence-Chapin and the African-American Parents Advisory Committee (AAPAC) will co-host this year’s family picnic in Central Park on July 14th from 1:00-4:00 and its on the great hill 108th and Central Park West. Families are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to reconnect with birth parents, other adoptive parents, interim care providers and Spence-Chapin staff. Please extend an invitation to those you'd like to see there. Enjoy food and live entertainment; burn off some calories in some good, old-fashioned relay races and other field games--both for parents and kids; have your face painted; and lots, lots more. Don't forget to pack sunscreen and your favorite picnic blanket or lounge chair! ADVANCED REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Click here to register https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=b6cfc9” Questions? Contact Rhonie Lester, events@spence-chapin.org 

MOCA Chinatown: A Walk through History     [MOCA website] 7/14/2012 
Chinatown: A Walk through History Sat, Jul 14 from 1pm – 2:30pm Uncover the history of one of New York City’s oldest neighborhoods! This walking tour focuses on how everyday buildings and places of historical significance reflect and shape a community from its origins as a Native American village of Werpoes Hill in 1600 to one of the fastest growing immigrant communities of present day New York City. Highlighted sites include the oldest row house in Manhattan, a Catholic church, the oldest general store in Chinatown and a Chinese eatery that catered to the needs of Chinatown’s turn-of-the-century “bachelor society.” Fee (does not include gallery admission): $15/adult; $12/student & senior; $8/MOCA member; Free for children under 5 For more information, and to reserve tickets, please visit: www.mocanyc.org/visit/tours/walking_tours  

FCC Indiana Webinar: Raising Transracially Adopted     [Register for FCC Indiana Webinar] 7/17/2012 
FCC-INDIANA is proud to bring you a series of webinars designed to enrich the lives of you and your children through education and support by providing access to some of the country's top experts in the field of international adoption." DETAILS: http://tinyurl.com/FCCevents SPEAKERS: 1) Raising Transracially Adopted Teens and Tweens, July 17 - Dawn Davenport 2) Adoption-Parenting your Tween and Teen, Aug 29 - Jean MacLeod 3) Promoting Attachment: Toddlers, Tweens and Teens, Sept. 21 - Deb Gray 4) Parenting: A Look at Attitudes and Practices of Parents Raising Children from a Different Birth Culture, Oct. 24 - Jaegoo Lee 5) Skype with Author, Nov. 13 - Lisa See (*FCC-IN members only/join) Jean MacLeod, babiesbegood@yahoo.com 

JCCANY Ametz How to Adopt Wksp in Manhattan     [JCCANY website] 7/18/2012 
HOW TO ADOPT DOMESTICALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY Location: JCC of Manhattan - 334 Amsterdam Avenue (at 76th Street) Wednesdays, July 18 and August 29 - 6 pm This interactive session is a great place to start if you are thinking about adoption or cannot decide between domestic and international adoption options. Learn the difference in working with an agency or attorney, what to expect during the homestudy, costs, time-frames, ages and background information available on children and the availability of education and support before, during and after adoption. Questions are encouraged. Led by staff of the Ametz Adoption Program of JCCA. $25 per person Register: www.jccany.org/calendar For more information, call Ametz 212-558-9949 

JCCANY Ametz PreAdopt Support Gp in Manhattan     [JCCANY website] 7/19/2012 
PRE ADOPT SUPPORT GROUP (THE SURVIVAL GUIDE) Location: JCC of Manhattan - 334 Amsterdam Avenue (at 76th Street), New York City, NY Thursdays, July 19 and August 16 - 7 pm This monthly group is for anyone exploring adoption or who has begun the adoption process. Join other singles and couples to get answers to questions, share concerns and learn survival tips as you navigate unfamiliar territory. Group meets monthly and is led by Lorayne Losch, LCSW, social worker from the Ametz Adoption Program of the JCCA. $20 per person, per session. Register: www.jccmanhattan.org 

JCCANY Ametz PostAdopt Support Gp in Westchester     [JCCANY website] 7/22/2012 
POST ADOPT SUPPORT GROUP (BECAUSE KIDS DON'T COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS) TWO LOCATIONS MANHATTAN: JCC of Manhattan - 334 Amsterdam Avenue (at 76th Street), New York City, NY Thursdays, July 9 and August 29 - 7 pm WESTCHESTER: Pleasantville Community Synagogue - 219 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, NY Sundays, July 22 and August 19 - 6 pm Being a parent is probably the most challenging and all-encompassing commitment in your life. Add adoption to the mix and things get a bit more complex. This group is a place for singles and couples to learn, laugh, and socialize without worrying someone will say something insensitive about adoption or your family. Find out how others have handled “sticky” situations and found support in their communities. Join others who “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” as you share the daily joys and challenges of parenting through adoption. $20 per person Manhattan: Led by Ametz staff social worker, Lorayne Losch, LCSW Thursdays, July 9 and August 29 - 7 pm Register www.jccmanhattan.org Westchester: Led by Ametz staff social worker, Marci Schwartz-Ruff, MSW Sundays, July 22 and August 19 - 6 pm Register: www.jccany.org/calendar  

FCC Dutchess/Ulster 2012 Chinese Culture Camp in P  7/23/2012 
One participant gave up a trip to Disney to attend this camp. Don't miss it!
FCC Dutchess/Ulster 2012 Chinese Culture Camp
Come join us for our 6th annual week long summer camp, once again led by Carol Tsai of the Mid-Hudson Chinese Language Center!
Date: Monday - Friday, July 23-27 ~ Lunch & snacks will be provided.
Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Place: The Friends Meeting House, 249 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 (rear entrance, lower level)
Registration: $100.00 registration fee/child, $75.00 for each additional child; due by July 6, 2012.
Questions? Call this year’s Camp Co-chairs: Diane Tanner @ 845-633-8910 or Laurie Hlavaty Holod @ 845-255-2016, or e-mail Steve Herschbein, herscs@us.ibm.com for the camp application.

2012 Asian American International Film Festival     [AAIFF website] 7/25/2012 
2012 Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF) Thursday, July 25 - August 5 The 2012 Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF) features Asian American showing July 25 - August 5, 2012 with screenings at Clearview Chelsea Cinemas, Asia Society and Museum, and The Museum of Chinese in America. Films include SHANGHAI CALLING, KNOTS, SUPERCAPITALIST, and more. http://www.asiancinevision.org/aaiff/  

NACAC Conference in Crystal City, Virginia     [NACAC website] 7/25/2012 
Annual NACAC Conference (North American Council on Adoptable Children) Celebrating Families: Valuable Lessons from Children, Parents, and Professionals 38th Annual Conference Crystal City, Virginia (just outside Washington, D.C.) July 26–28, 2012 Pre-Conference Session July 25 - Bruce Perry - Trauma & Attachment http://www.nacac.org/conference/conference.html 

KAAN Conference in Albany, NY     [KAAN website] 7/27/2012 
KAAN 2012 Conference The 14th Annual KAAN Conference Journeys... Albany Marriott, Albany, NY July 27-29, 2012 KAAN (Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network) is a community where people seek to improve the lives of adoptees and their families through education and support. Since 1999, KAAN has provided an annual conference located in the United States or Korea. These conferences are unique assemblies of those with ties to each other... Korean-born adoptees of all ages as well as family through birth, adoption or marriage, other Koreans and Korean-Americans, social workers, adoptees from other backgrounds, community leaders, and more. Through gathering together, we find what we have in common and where we can help one another. Our conferences provide over thirty sessions on ethnic ties, search and reunion, racial identity development, family relationships, and more. Each block includes an adoptee-only session as well as many choices open to all. Cultural and social activities are offered as well as vendors, exhibits, and film screenings. Our 2012 conference theme is Journeys. Together we will explore the many journeys--physical, emotional, legal, spiritual--that we as individuals and as a community travel. form more information visit: http://www.kaanet.com/currentconference/ 

CAMP CHINA in Black Mountain (Asheville) NC.     [Camp China website] 7/27/2012 
CAMP CHINA A Family-Oriented Chinese Culture Camp for Adoptive Families and Friends at Black Mountain, NC July 27 - July 30, 2012 in Black Mountain (Asheville) NC. www.OurCampChina.com and on Facebook we are "Our Camp China" to "like" us. Cheers, Carina Morton, carinamorton01@gmail.com FCC North Georgia 

MOCA-From Coffeehouses to Banquet Halls     [MOCA website] 7/28/2012 
From Coffeehouses to Banquet Halls Sat, Jul 28 from 1pm – 2:30pm Sat, Aug 25 from 1pm – 2:30pm Restaurants have played a major role in Chinatown history since the early settlements. The earliest Chinese eateries in New York catered strictly to the needs of Chinatown’s turn-of-the-century “bachelor society.” Over time, however, Chinatown’s restaurant industry would reflect the neighborhood’s changing immigrant population and needs. Through present-day and historical food-related sites, this themed walking tour will trace the evolution of Chinese American eateries and food ways in Chinatown, and highlight the ways in which these eateries have both reflected and shaped this community. Fee (does not include gallery admission): $15/adult; $12/student & senior; $8/MOCA member; Free for children under 5 For more information, and to reserve tickets, please visit: www.mocanyc.org/visit/tours/walking_tours  

MOCA Dragon Boat Festival in NYC     [MOCA website] 7/29/2012 
Dragon Boat Festival Family Day Sun, Jul 29 from 10am – 5pm. Location: 215 Centre St, NYC Admission: $10 per person; Free for MOCA members and children under 1 year of age. Join MOCA for a full-day of family activities connected with Dragon Boat Festival. Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival (端午节) with MOCA! Find out what a poet, zongzi (sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves), and dragon boats have in common. Enjoy a day-long series of activities on the significance of this major Chinese holiday. More information: visit www.mocanyc.org or email education@mocanyc.org 

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