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Accountable Space Guidelines (adapted from UCLA)

1. Please do not interrupt others.

2. Listen actively, instead of just waiting to speak. Please use a pen and paper to record your thoughts, if necessary.

3. Be mindful of your total talk time and, if you are comfortable, speak up to add to the conversation.

4. Give everyone a chance to speak, without unnecessary pressure.

5. Understand that we are all learning. If you said something offensive or problematic, apologize for your actions or words being offensive — not for the person feeling insulted.

6. Recognize and embrace friction as evidence that multiple ideas are entering the conversation — not that the group is not getting along.

7. Give credit where it is due. If you are echoing someone’s previously stated idea, give the appropriate credit.

8. Ask for clarification — do not assume or project.

9. Speak for yourself. Use “I” statements and do not share others’ lived experiences.

10. Words and tone matter. Be mindful of the impact of what you say, and not just your intent.

11. Self-reflect on actionable items to become an ally in your daily work or personal experiences, after leaving the space.

12. If you attend as an ally of the community, please allow space for diverse and marginalized communities to share their experiences.

13. Other — ask your audience if there are other guidelines needed to support them to ensure the conversation does not create further trauma.

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